Julia Álvarez said “El papel lo aguanta todo”—- paper holds everything, puts up with everything, contains everything.

This blog is an extension of the paper I write on to hold everything- poems, short stories and musings.

Este blog es una extensión del papel sobre el cual escribo para que aguante todo- poemas, cuentos y reflexiones.

While reflecting on the past school year…

…I came across this saved musing:

Facebook post from José Vilson on February 13, 2016:  I know it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, but showing love is critical to our humanity. It doesn’t even have to be a significant other. Who do you got love for? Leave some in a comment.

My response (edited today in format only):

Your request prompted the following reflection (in gratitude)

I got tons of love for my students.
The short ones, the tall ones, the quiet ones, the noisy ones, the attentive ones,
the distracted ones, the ones with winter wool coats for the winter,
the ones with all-season hoodies, the ones with the latest Air Jordans,
the ones with sandals, the ones with a baseball hat in every color,
the ones with beanies, the hungry ones, the well-fed ones,
the ones with the pierced nose, tongue, septum and eyebrow,
the ones with sleep in their eyes,
the ones that want to be in my class, the ones that don’t,
the ones that love to learn Spanish, the ones that hate it,
the ones that skip my class,
the ones with perfect attendance, the ones that do their homework,
the ones that never seem to remember they had any,
the ones that are eager to tell me about how they downloaded the last song we did in class to listen on repeat and share, the ones that tell me they hate my music,
the ones that struggle, the ones that make it look easy,
the ones that mock me, the ones that applaud me,
the ones that voluntarily come to my aid,
the ones that leave me stuff to clean, wipe and pick up,
the ones that mistrust my commitment to them,
the ones that trust my motives for being a teacher,
the ones that seem to have love for themselves and others,
and the ones that seem to hate themselves.
I love my students.
It is a love that gets challenged every day but dares survive because of its very essence.


Talking with Frida

Talking with Frida


If my womanhood is defined by what happens between my legs,

I’ve spent time hating that space,

The unwanted desire for it,

The uninvited touching of it,

The bleeding from it from a wound that lingers

But I’ve  abandoned that self-loathing,

–that space is mine!–

I’m in awe of its convex of bounty,

not an emptiness outlined

but a supernatural abundance

an endless taker and giver of love

I adore the folds of my being.



For Todas Las Fridas, Sussy Santana, PVDFest, June 2016

My Smile–poem by Yamil Báez

My Smile
Di’que* flopping in,
Di’que falling back,
Di’que slipping into,
Di’que slinking in, in,
into anxiety mode,
Can’t be that this is comfort,
Can’t be that this is my home,
Can’t be that I can’t find love in my eyes,
Peace in my hands or hope in my feet.
Fear is the enemy I hear
Yet I keep it near,
Real near,
Next to my heart in fact,
Like it keeps me intact
It seems that known evil made a pact with my mind.
I’ll strive to be kind to myself
But struggle with the fragility of my life vest made of shards
Clumsily glued together to look at you
and smile.

JRam Poem Challege January 3, 2016
Di’que =slang in Spanish for supposedly